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23 November 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!: HAM's O'plenty at the 2005 AMA's

Now I don't usually watch the AMA's but I definitley peeped the pics and have plenty of glazing to with these fresh HAM's

Here's our first nominee:

*Now I happen to like Missy Elliot. But WTF? is this monstrosity. She looks like the Hunchback of Notre Damn!-You look a Hot Ass Mess. Now why in the blue hell she decided to come out like that we'll never know. But whatever happened. Get well Missy (mentally as well).

Our next Nominees:

*Serena looks like a HAM as usual..

*Kelly looks nice. I just can't get over that big water jug she calls a head. Where is B and Tumblelina (Michelle) when ya need em?!

*Bow Wow looks like he could be one of their children. And I know his momma taught him better than to come out the house dressed like that. This ain't the Vibe awards negro, go put on a suit and tie. Tryna feel on some asses he can't handle. Last, why isn't he with our next candidate for HAM of the week:

*Now Ciara always manages to look like a deer caught in the headlights. Beautiful she is, but would someone please teach this girl how to pose?! You don't have to vouge or act goofy, just be yourself. As for her attire, it looks like she forgot to take off that sheet she had on in the Lose Control video- I can't hate on the boots though. They're hot.


*Jada Jada Jada; such a beautiful women yet an unflattering "Jada Rocks!" pose. Save it for the band baby! Not the red carpet.. I don't wanna ever see this picture again YOU UNDERSTAND ME Jada--EVAR!!

Caption this pic

Time to wrap this shit up B!!Now that the glazing is over..lets carve. Happy Thanksgiving Haters!!!

Comments on "Happy Thanksgiving!: HAM's O'plenty at the 2005 AMA's"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:09 PM) : 

Missy Elliot appears to have suffered a stroke or some type of neurological based trauma based of the picture to the right.
"Get well Missy (mentally as well)." indeed


Anonymous WhatAHater said ... (1:13 AM) : 

hmm that head..its just not right..

Serena: "oh girl these payless shoes are cramping my toes!! uhh"
Kelly: "Serena..close your mouth, you are embarrasing me"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:19 PM) : 

jada need to sit her old ass down, and ciara always looks a HAM at award shows!


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