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25 November 2005

"In The Mix" just ain't my cup of Flavor-Aide

No doubt Usher has been doing it big since I was rocking reversible First Down bubble coats and side ponytails back in junior high. I can even forgive the brother for a few mishaps *coughMYWAYvideo*..but lately I've been getting a case of "WTFs?!(what the fucks)" when I see the previews for his upcoming starring role in "In The Mix". I have a few things to get off my B-cups..Where shall I begin...

WTF?! # 1: Urrrsher you are a million-fuckin-aire! Why o' why are you running around in your Diesels and crisp button-ups getting shot in the shoulder for a nobody?. If you're gonna sugar foot for some hoe, can it at least be Linsay LoHOE, or even Tara "my boobs are full of Jack Daniels" Reid, even Hilary "Kiss my i'm anorexic" Duff. Which brings me to my next WTF?!

WTF?! #2: Who is this broad? Her voice makes me dry heave and claw at the ears. And NO -all black men CAN NOT dance unless these ignant negros on Maury count. If you see her tell her Takeitoutside said "HOE SIT DOWN!!"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
WTF?!#3. Sonn--err..Chaz Palminteri listen to me: You haven't been cool since "A Bronx Tale". No matter how many times black people quote you, invite you to the Vibe awards, and Murde--excuse me.."The Inc." has used the movie as concept for Lloyd videos..YOU STILL ARE NOT COOL! Dinero wants his steez back. Now stop it before I give you a fucking slap!..(hahaha*shamleess moviequote*)

This movie looks like it just reeks of corn and ass. From the Scarface-esque poster to the previews. A bunch of guido/negro stereotypes and shitty bubblegum lines. My 14 year old sister wouldn't even place her Pretty Ricky cd next to it for fear of even more WTF?! contamination.

Takitoutsidegives "In The Mix" one slice of pizza and 1/4 of 40 ounce

Comments on ""In The Mix" just ain't my cup of Flavor-Aide"


Blogger Supa said ... (4:14 PM) : 

"Reeks of corn and ass?"

If I get fucking fired, it's because of that funny ass shit right there. Actually, that whole post just blew 'my professional black chick at work' cover in its entirety.

That is all. Carry on.

Fucking bwaaah!!!!!


Blogger Takeitoutside said ... (10:18 PM) : 


please don't get fired on the count of me..There's plenty more where that came from :)


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