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21 November 2005

It's official. Tyra banks officially hung up her wings and her modeling shoes today. I thought I was going to break down in a heap of sorrow right in front of my monitor. In case you haven't noticed, I'm a big Tyra fan; or as I like to call her "Miss Tyra." Sure she can be silly and ditzy sometimes, but hey-- Look at her!! She's beautiful, she eats (food not crack *ahemkatemoss*), and she's got real lady lumps unlike..*cough*

Not to mention she's a great role model to young women with ANTM and her camp T-Zone. And let's not forget how she laid the smack down on Naomi Campbells candy ass last Friday. What's not to love about her?! I'm so grief stricken right now, I can't even type straight.


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