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22 November 2005

Load up the boat pa! It's Noah's Arc

Yes, yes yes...Americas first black gay show..Sorta like a gay "Sex in the City" without all the the estrogen(or maybe). Ya know, I was getting tired of the influx of gay shows telling me how to "shop this way" or decorate that way" but If loving this show is wroooong..I don't wanna be right. Noah is too cute to be true. Don't you just wanna play with his little man breasts and sip a cappuchino with him?-I know I do. Wade seems to have a stick up his ass (yes pun). Alex just amuses me to no end. I haven't seen this many gay folk since I went to the Destiny Fulfilled tour. Whatchu' know 'bout 7 people (4 gay men 3 straight women) lapping it (and trust NOBODY sat on us women's lap) in a '95 Toyota Corrolla?!--Nothing! I heard so many "bitches" that night, I thought it was a rap concert.

Takeitoutside gives Noah's Arc two snaps and circle!

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