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15 December 2005

Just a few things...

What it do baby?!..You'd think with all that money Paul Wall invested in his grill he'd set some aside for
wifey . Apparently she's in a group named "Velvet Ice" (ummmm..) They don't sound half bad, but they could stand to look a LOT better -[ Cake and Ice-Cream]

--Gwen Stefani preggers? If so she can send those damn harajuku girls home now-[ Perezhilton]

--Jodie Watley(yea remember her..) done pulled a Vivica and went and got some plastic surgery -[ Concreteloop].

--Amerie cut her hair..It's cute, but I hope she just pinned it up or something. (I'm copying for Christmas!)

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Blogger Supa said ... (10:05 PM) : 

Damn you Takeitoutside, paul wall's grill will haunt me in my sleep tonight!

And I LOVE Jody Watley even thought she 'aint had a record in 57 years. She'll always be beautiful, I'm at a loss to why she felt she needed to be fixed.


Blogger NegroPino™ said ... (1:04 PM) : 

I am loving Ameries new look. Its so incognegro I didn't even recognize. As somebody with long hair, you can't do much with it. It really brings out her Asian features.


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