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09 December 2005

Nokia commercials = Gift from the devil


So I was a little lost on what to post today until I sat to watch television. Upon my sloth fest of cheese doodles and Pepsi, Nokia decides it would be a good idea to attack my aural and optical nerves with thee worst commercials I have ever been witness to in my entire life! Worse than:

The creepy ass rapist-esque King. And is that a dookie chain?


The ignant', stereotypical Sprite doll that chases Lebron James.

No, far worse than that..I had to deal with THIS:

and this:

Yikes!! That's too much ugly/tardness for one day.. For the love of Geico commercials..Why hath Nokia forsaken us with this nonsense? I'd rather watch that fake ass Destiny's Child Walmart commercial. You know damn well Beyonce never shopped at a damn Walmart (Michelle perhaps)..But at least it looks like they care..


Instead they show me how much people love their shitty Nokia cell phones?! I don't giveafuuuuck about Cletus' favorite ringtone..Nor do I care about how much of a slut you are that you have to delete every guy's phone number after you've contracted a VD from him. And besides, I have a Samsung. My remote control mute button is almost broken because of the "disgust" signal my brain sends to my thumb. I know I'm not the only one who hates these goddamn commercials. I'm fed up and I'm not going to take it anymore! If you haven't seen it. HERE THEY ARE..I shouldn't be the only one to suffer. Consider it an early Christmas gift. From me to you--AY!

Comments on "Nokia commercials = Gift from the devil"


Blogger AlwaysSweet said ... (9:07 PM) : 

That king scares the shit outta me and that damn sprite doll is so f__ckin annoying. Ain't his 15 minutes 'bout up? They need to put his lil ass in the same box they threw that Taco Bell dog in.


Blogger Charles X said ... (4:32 AM) : 

ROFL! Woo. Turn off the television set, lawd knows I need to


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