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07 December 2005

So many events..so much time to hate

Big in O5' Awards

I saw some of this tragedy. If you didn't watch it, good for you. A bunch of B and C list celebs, has beens, and crackheads handing out awards for dumb shit that happened in 2005. I used to like DL Hughley, but now that negro is just so corny I don't know whether to laugh or to butter his ass and pop him in the microwave. The little bit I saw was trashy and downright embarrasing. I cringed the entire time. But who fucking cares right?.. The only thing I enjoy about them are the photos afterwards so lets get to the hating, shall we..

**Now see..that's just not right. This motherfucker has on a flannel, FLANNEL?! fucking jacket with some shades from Eckerds he picked up along with his Preparation H. Well, then again it's B.Brown. It's his perogative! (to smoke crack before an awards show)

**I feel bad for Brooke Hogan. Reasons being:

1) Daddy Hogan will present a challenge to any b/f she has. Thus giving said b/f incentive to smut her out.."Dude, she's the Hulks daughter, I'm gonna hit that shit!!"
2) She's huge. And she looks like Quagmire from Family guy
3) She want's to be a singer *audience "awwwwws"* BUT she sucks. We don't want another Ashley Simpson..NoooOOOOooooOO!

As for Adrian Currey...Is she from New Jersey? She reminds me of those cigarette smoking white chicks I used to take class with at county college (Yes I went to county college first bitches!--problem??)



--Next up we have the 2005 Billboard Music Awards

**Ugly Ricky look like they haven't washed in 4 fucking days..Threw on a suit and said "We here nigga!"--TRIFLIN'!

**Everybody has that fat friend

**Lil Nasty funky ass John (why is he still relevant?)

Pharrell Williams aka "Skateboard P" thinks it's cool to pose like a "gangster rapper" and show his "bling bling". Listen to me negro: YOU are a CORNBALL!

Nick Cannon..Nick Cannon. Why o' Why is you such a CORNBALL?!

Ugh..my vagina got dry just looking at those photos..

**Gwen Stefani looks different..dontcha' think? (Only she can pull shit like that off)


And Lastly we have the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

I DID watch this last night. And My Oh My was it hot from start to finish. The stage was so purty..
I can't even hate on the ladies. I started to call the other half so he could self induce expulsion of his reproductive bodiy fluids, but ruled against it. More man juice for me..YAY!

Yes! All hail Queen Tyra Banks. She was the thickest one there..Fuck them skinny hoes (though I'm a skinny hoe..go figure) It was her very last show and I was fighting back tears (not really..but ya' know). But overall, these were some hot ass hoes. See:

**Seal and Heidi did the damn thing
**Selita Ebanks is HOT
**This was my favorite outfit
**Crazy ass Naomi is HOT
**Adriana "I can't keep my mouth closed" Lima is HOT

If you didn't know any better you'd think I was a lesbian--NOT!. But I do love fashion and appreciate a good show..

Wait!..I can hate on one thing:
Ricky Martin gave the shittiest performance of all times. As if he wasn't shittay enough. He got up there, and proceeded to *yawn* the crowd with his out of breathe, off the beat dancing, velveeta cheesy ASS. Say it with me class--CHEESEBALL! If it wasn't for the ladies he may very well have melted and ruined the lovely stage..

In other news:

Brittany and K-Freeloader breaking up? Oh, no my achy breaky heart :(

Foxy Brown fires her attorney for speaking to the media about hearing loss- Can you hear me now?..Good

"a-bib-bib-bib-bib..That's all folks"

Comments on "So many events..so much time to hate"


Anonymous Angel La said ... (2:04 PM) : 

Brooke is ugly as hell! But guys always saying she is attractive.

1 million cool points for that quagmire comparsion. SO TRUE!!! lol


Blogger Takeitoutside said ... (2:14 PM) : 

Is it just me..or is the entire Hogan family composed of giants?! They're all super huge. Like Daddy and Mommy Hulk was putting steroids in the infamil..yuck!


Blogger Supa said ... (12:37 PM) : 

No matter what you do, Takeitoutside - don't ever EVER subject us to another picture of Lil' John EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

The rest of your post was too fucking funny. You got a gift, girl. LOL


Blogger AlwaysSweet said ... (8:21 PM) : 

I'm so glad I missed the Big in 05' award show. And is it me or does Hulk Hogan's wife look like a drag queen.


Blogger Takeitoutside said ... (12:05 AM) : 

Thanks Supa :)

Yea Sweet, his wife looks like she was taking steroids right along with his ass..


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