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27 January 2006

B.E.T--Ya dead wrong.

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I don't know about you, but I've been seeing commercials for this BET special: 25 Most @#%! Moments in Black History, hosted by none other than racially charged comedian Paul Mooney. In the commercial he says some dumb ass joke: "It's like selling slaves, you can't look away because you might be next.." or some corn like that. OK, at this point i'm just SMH.
BET is notorious for stupid shit, wackness, ignance', clown ass rappers, ass and titty shaking, oh and did I mention--Gospel? But this has got to be the dumbest fucking show to ever air; even more shit stained than Homeboy's In Outer Space.

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I would like to know what genuis brought up the bright idea of a show like this the day before BLACK HISTORY MONTH!? Or at all for that matter. They would get a swift punch to the nasal bone if I had my way. Do they really think black folk are that shallow and mindless that we cackle and knee slap at anything they pull out their ass and throw on the tube? What happened to the news? Oh, I remembeeer. They cut the news so they could show more ASSSS SHAKING.Why did Rap City fall off? Why does "Bobby Jones Gospel Hour",come on right after Uncut
*sings* "Oh whyY-i-i-i are all your shows all CRAP?!!" ..Every show they have is generic spinoff of another show. Pa.the.tic

Why go out of your way to poke fun at your own people instead of uplifting and pointing out the positive that we do. I seriously suggest B.E.T put themselves at the number one spot because cause they're damn sure #1 on my list.

Edit: Wow. I posted a comment on the BET Discussion board as "Zwiqqyred" along with other people appalled at the show and they erase them. BET is really fucking pathetic. I'm gonna keep posting more just to piss them off. Join me if you feel the same way..

Comments on "B.E.T--Ya dead wrong."


Anonymous You know said ... (12:07 PM) : 

You aint never lied about BET. Simple ass station. Showing all that BULLSHIT and systematically getting rid of the few shows that matter. Damn biters, That College Hill aint nothing but a ripoff of MTV's The Real World. Im waiting for them to start having COllege Hill battles or some shit like that coming up next. Aint original at all. A damn shame.


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