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17 January 2006

The idiots are out of hibernation

It was back to college for my black ass today. Today was the first day of my Spring semester after a long break (May-today). And if today was any indication of what's to come, I really am not looking forward to the semester. But yes, The fucking idiots are out of hibernation (not including me *wink*). But you wanna know why I say that? (If you don't-fuck you)..Here's why:

So I'm sitting in my first class today at 9:30 (Abnormal Psych) of about 100 people. Big ass lecture hall. My community college ass isn't used to large lecture halls like this. I thought it was gonna be about 40 people. But anywhooo...I promptly found a seat in the back, pulled out my notebook, and tried to pay attention. So the professor starts going on and on and on about the usual bullshit: "My name is blah blah, I'm smarter than you are blah blah, I have this and blah blah that degree from said shitty university, I am old and my hearing is going could you speak up blah blah, syllabus blah blah BLAH"

So she starts the chapter and she asks the class to write down 3 traits of what is normal, seeing as though this is abnormal psych. What she really wanted was to feel out the percentage of idiots in her class. There is many. So idiot after idiot raises their hands and spits random crap.

Idiot #1: able to hold down a job (*blank stare*)
Idiot #2: open minded (We'll come back to this idiot..)
Idiot #3: ability to reason( that wasn't too idiotic because that's one I wrote down)
Idiot #4: An individualistic perception of what is normal (theres always that one psuedo-intellectual that has to turn the tables in order to make himself look smart, but ends up making himself look like a--you guessed it--IDIOT!)

So we stop the exercise and she makes all the left-handed kids come up to the front. "Are they normal?" she asks...I'm thinking "Yea left-handed people are normal" because I know the professor bitch is going to try some slick shit. But of course there were idiots who said left-handers are not normal(*rolls eyes*) Next, she goes down the idiot list of "What is normal" and asks the students who volunteered their answers for explanations. I told you she was going to try some slick shit!

Professor bitch: *Points out unemployed left-hander*.."Is she normal? She isn't employed.."
Idiot #1: Uhh..ummm..uhh..Well, I was talking about people who aren't mentally able to work..
PB: Well, I have patients who are schizophrenic who can hold down a job..
Idiot #1: *DEFEATED*

PB: Idiot number 2. Why aren't abnormal people open-minded?
Idiot #2: Uhh..umm...Because they don't like to rationalize?..
PB: Well, "rationalize" and "open-minded" are not the same thing (they really aren't)
Idiot#2: Well, I work in a hospital and they(crazy ass patients) don't like to do what you tell them
PB: So what does open-minded mean?
Idiot#2: *stares straight ahead for 2 fucking minutes (I kid you not!) in awkward silence*

Accoriding to Webster's Dictionary:

Main Entry: open-mind·ed
Pronunciation: "O-p&n-'mIn-d&d
Function: adjective
: receptive to arguments or ideas
- open-mind·ed·ly adverb
- open-mind·ed·ness noun

This bitch sat and said NOTHING! It made me want to get up, walk across the room and smack the Optimum perm out of that bitch's head. Make something up! Say "Ummmmm"..Or how the standard "I don't know"..idiot response UGH. College is not fucking elementary school people. If you have the ta-ta's to raise your hand in a class of 100 people and say something even remotely intelligent, please have the knowledge to back it up. Do NOT just sit there and look stupid. There aren't many black people in that class and that dumb broad just set off the semester on the wrong foot.

Question: Black people. Why O' why must you insist upon sitting next to every other black person in a class full of white folks? Why you got this row looking like the black kids table at Crackaville, USA Highschool at lunch time? I don't know yo' ass! And no I won't take notes for yo' ass when you decide not to come to class. Spread out people! You won't get lighter if you sit next to a person of a different ethnicity...Damn! Besides, your Sulfur 8 grease is making me nauseaous..

Comments on "The idiots are out of hibernation"


Blogger Charles X said ... (11:55 AM) : 

OMG! yes! same shit happened to me in my Human Sexuality class yesterday. All the blackards sat in one lil area and talkin loud too. SMH. Then people wanted to raise their hands and say dumbass answers to the question "what is normal". My answers, of course, were brilliant.


Blogger Supa said ... (1:15 PM) : 

LMAO Takeitoutside!! Ahhhh, the idiotic college days. And I say that not because I diss the value of higher education, but simply because college is full of idiots too.

Love your post. And I LIVED for my ab psych and criminal psych classes. Your idiotic classmates are gonna serve up many a day of idiotic fodder!!! Be sure to report on it!!

Crackville High, USA. LOL


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