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13 January 2006

There's nothing about Remy

There's something about Remy...

That reminds me of Thanksgiving..OOOooooOOh I remember..the smell of honey glazed H.A.M! (H.A.M never gets old to me..hilarity..lol)

Remy Mother at her album listening party for There's Something About Remy: Based on a True Story




And lets not forget the cake yall....

I kid you not. When I first took a gander at it, I thought it was Star Jones sprawled across that masterpiece of a cake. YUCK! Wrap me a piece in foil, I'll take it home for later....

rest of the pics..

P.S- I'm alwaaays tweaking my posts..Adding shit, taking shit away, changing punctuation; pretty much whenever I find something interesting or is well deserving of a good helping of ether, i'll add it. And if Blogger acts up I have to do the post all over again (arrrgggH!)..This blog is ever evolving So if you see something one minute and don't see it the next, you're not crazy..lol. It's just me 'tweaking'. Yall have a good evenin' now..
*tips hat*

Comments on "There's nothing about Remy"


Blogger Clay said ... (1:54 AM) : 

remy is so unattractive to me .. lol. oh and i'm back!


Blogger Butta said ... (11:57 PM) : 

If that aint the most ghetto cake.


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