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08 January 2006

You shol' is uuuugly!

I couldn't resist folks..but doesn't that sound like what's runnin' through Meagan Goode's mind??

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Sprinkle some haterade (Caption away!!)

Comments on "You shol' is uuuugly!"


Blogger Supa said ... (3:14 PM) : 

I'm trippin' off the dog holding the money bowl in the background. WTF?


Blogger that-one-girl said ... (4:09 AM) : 

"I say got daymmmmn her head is big!"

Meagan's such a pretty girl. She looks even prettier next to Messy Brandy. What's going on with Brandy? She was an ugly kid, then she looked a little human a couple of years ago, now she's a hot ghetto mess. Let's pray.


Blogger That Girl Tam said ... (4:56 PM) : 

LMAO @ Supa Sister...only SHE would notice the damn dog...lol...

Caption: "Aren't you takin this WIG n' WEAVE thing a BIT too far this time?"


Blogger Takeitoutside said ... (5:19 PM) : 

lol..I'm looking at that stonefaced chick in the backround trying to get attention


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