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14 February 2006

Ashanti. Ashitty. Amazing

Whatever you wanna call her. She's sure been out and about lately. Recap shall we?

Uh oh..
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Uh oh..Uh oh
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Ashanti. You AIN'T NOT Beyonce.
I can't believe she was once a dance student. And would someone like to explain to the class why Ashanti always manages to make herself look tacky onstage with this "The Look For Less" outfit she's rocking? OOOOooo OOOOOOoo I know!!!: She scurried on down to the local Rainbow and bought the outfit, 29.99 + Tax with enough time to spare to skiddaddle on down to the "Hurry Up And Buy" for some 1.99 trinkets. $Cha-ching$

But Wha-wa-WAIT it get's worse!!!

Ashanti is back to hauking her cheesy wears..First it was her perfume "Precious Jewel". Now it's her new Vitamin (yes vitamins yall!!) Beauty Product OPC-3. Or what I like to call: "OH PLEASE CHILE!"
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How can they stand behind this crap and think people are dumb enough to buy it. Shit I could see if it was a Proactive commerical. But OPC-3? That sounds like some shit that ends up in the middle of a class action lawsuit against the FDA. Mediocrity pays off kids.

Everytime I see this poster I think of...(click the picture to find out)
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Again-- HAPPY (or BAD) VALENTINE'S DAY HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Comments on "Ashanti. Ashitty. Amazing"


Blogger sivan in the city said ... (9:14 PM) : 

Just blogging around and found yours. You are sooooooo funny
I loved coming to america! sould glo is the best!
Good read. Keep up the good work


Blogger AlwaysSweet said ... (5:59 PM) : 

Somebody's gonna have to shock my heart. I just died @ that damn "Soul Glo" commercial.


Blogger Shawn said ... (10:23 PM) : 

Ashanti is a HAM for real! She better try and get impregnated by Nelly to secure her finacial future...LOL.


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