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14 February 2006

Happy Valentines Day

Yea, I said it..And isn't this nauseatingly appropriate?--All my posts are in red.

Lets move on..I know you're all doing kegels and crossing your fingers in anticipation of an update..

Welp, today wasn't all that different except I got a call from Mr. Gooddick (my ex, for the remedial) early this morning while on my way to class. He wanted me to come visit him, but I had to get to class. *sigh* And while I would've loved getting my box pummeled instead of learning about fucking panic attacks in Abnormal Psych, I couldn't miss class. Well, I could've but I really don't like to miss class. I feel like such a fuckin nerd sometimes, but I gotta stay focused this semester. That breakup two weeks ago didn't exactly put me on the track to success. Hence, the "D" I received today for my test in that class last week. Well, at least i'm in his thoughts. And i'm quite sure which part of the body was doing thinking for him this morning. Must have been thinking reeeallly HARD. Perhaps we can have some of that coveted post-breakup/quasi-makeup sex later on cause Meesohoooryyyyy

Comments on "Happy Valentines Day"


Blogger Supa said ... (6:59 PM) : 

you so silly. horniness is real, tho. you need a dick in the jar for back-up. You know, what they call "friends with benefits"

I want no less than a "B" on that next AbPsych test, young lady!


Blogger Shawn said ... (10:22 PM) : 

You have to take a make a mold out of that good dyck. How does the song go "when good dyck calls you better answer"....LOL


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