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03 March 2006

Just lookin out of the window...

The first pics from Cam's new video "Wet Wipes"[source]

I haven't heard the song yet but the video looks *claps* DYNOMITE!! with this paraody of Jay & Bey

Hilariousness!! And the more I look at Jimmie Walker the more he looks like Jay-Z..The resemblance is damn near uncanny:

Ain't we lucky we got em'....

More Celebrities/People I would like to Punch in the Face v1.1

4) Whitney Houston

Enough said. How in the fuck did she go from ashy to classy..BACK to ashy again? What a fucking shame yall. Yall know who I blame it on too dontya? Don't get me wrong, I was probably one of her most loyal fans up until "We Got Something In Common". She needs to make a comeback and FAST! And I have an inkling that an Free crack givea--err Intervention will be what the street pharmacist ordered. Smoke two rocks and call me in the morning.

5) Models:

These bitches must be some of the most shallow, hungry, evil hoes on the face of the planet. Why? because THEY ARE FUCKING HUNGRY!! I was watching the Style Network backstage at some eccenctric gay mans show (aren't they all), and the bitches were so mean. Icegrilling the camera, yelling at the crew, flashing their sunny side up titties..trying to get beautiful and shit...Is it really that serious? I see why Tyra retired from modeling. She's been starving for 15 goddamn years! Naomi needs to take a break long enough from beating bitches down to get a bite of Taco Bell in every now and then...Now that's FIEYARCE!!

6) Chickenheads

Alright i'm from the ghetto (Camden, NJ and still alive to tell the story..lol) And I myself, believe it or not, can get pretty ignant when provoked (of course you can believe it '_'). But i've always had a problem with out of control loud-mouth chicks named "Tookie" or Quesanera and shit like that. Chicken-necking and eye-rolling mammy's that always wanna talk shit. Always up in a negros face, rocking Prada while their kids got on Forman Mills. Or you can catch em' in the "Huddy up and Buy" store for the newest Yaki Perm weave; Quick to roll her blue contacts at me and flip her blond weave like i'm fugged up. BITCH, i'm in college with no kids. Something yo' mammy shoulda taught ya! All you need to do is "stfu" and take my order. If ya see one tell her Takeitoutside said PROMISCUOUS WOMAN, PLEASE HAVE A SEAT!!!

Comments on "Just lookin out of the window..."


Blogger Charles X said ... (6:48 AM) : 

LMAO!!! hilarious post as always


Blogger ProfessorGQ said ... (11:35 AM) : 

Cam'Ron is really trying to press Jay-Z's buttons...but it goes to show how much a hoe Beyonce has been over the years...as in what Lil' Kim once said, "bitches suck cock just to rise to the top"...Jay-Z, Cam'Ron, Jagged Edge, Nas, Mekhi Pfeiffer...you do the math...


Blogger Redstallyun said ... (3:51 PM) : 

What do all them people got to do wit Beyonce? Cam'ron is a bitch to the 10th power! Jay-Z could annihilate him and his SAD, SORRY career. I mean we heard what Hov did to Nas -(I'm both of their biggest fans)and Nas can fuck wit Hov- but Cam'ron? I don't know if I'm livin in an alternate universe but he's never been hot. His greatest jam was "What means the world..." and that wasn't even that hot. I didn't even know the nigga used to be fat- why? cause he's NOBODY!! It would be the greatest thing EVER if Hov and Nas collaborated to clown this fool!! I'm waiting....


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