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01 March 2006

People I Would Like To Punch In the Face

O.k, so it looks like I got ONE suggestion for this shitty blog. "Anonymous" suggested I should do a post on people I would punch in the face: So here goes..

People I Would Like To Punch In The Face v1.0

1) Star Jones

Enough said. She is thee most annoying person/thing/organism in the fucking galaxy God must have been under some serious stress when he made her. The name alone is impetus enough for me regurgitate my lunch without hesitation. How disgusting is she? I mean, how desperate do you have to be to marry a man that clearly has "how you doooiiiin?" tendencies, put up a website about it, and then write a book about finding LOVE on top of that. Love? Do we reeeally need advice on love from Star Jones? METHINKSNOT. Is this bitch completely stupid or did the myelin sheaths around her fucking brain neurons dissolve with the rest of her body fat? We'll never know..She'll never tell. And guess what? I don't want to know.

2) Young Jezzy
Or "Young Cheezy" as I like to call him. Apart from his nails on the blackboard-esque voice, Why was it so fucking cool to sell crack in 2005? Yea yea yea, I know he's just one in a long line of rappers, but so what? If I see another Snowman/"Trap Or Die" t-shirt so help me goodness i'm gonna scream like a white girl at a Green Day concert. Lastly, he has a woman face with no facial hair whatsoever. My pussy is so envious.

P.S Did you guys hear about that new shit they call CHAPSTICK? I guess Cheezy here never got the memo. My diagnosis?? ALNS(Ashy Lipped Negro Syndrome) ..

3) Nancy Grace

Wow, just look at face of this self-serving cunt. She plops on her dry ass Aquanet wig every night, practices her southern drawl and commences to pissing me the fuck off. She kills me with her agressive "I-really-give-a-damn-about-missing-girls" gimmick. Bitch please. If you really gave a damn, why didn't you cover the Latoyia Figueroa story? I have a Kanye moment everytime I watch her show. I don't think she cares about black people yall. Trust me I sent in an angry email along with numerous others. Among crawling across hot coals on her vagina before bed, Nancy loves to railroad the shit out of her guests. And on top of that she was pretty much out to squeeze the glitter off of Micheal Jackson's balls during his trial (how little they may be). She was practically creaming her grannie panties seconds before the verdict, but alas Mike Jack got off. Her expression: PRICELESS!

More to come tomorrow!!!

Comments on "People I Would Like To Punch In the Face"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:20 PM) : 

LMAO... I thought I was the only one who didn't like Cheezy with his cheap ass... how you gon leave yo son in the projects?!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:00 PM) : 

My sentiments exactly on Young Jeezy, I am so sick of rappers glorifying selling drugs, the bling, cars , women whatever, I am freaking sick of it, so please when you punch Lil Sneezy please hit hard enough for me.


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