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06 March 2006

Pimps are having THE BEST WEEK EVAAAR!!

Three 6 Mafia's performance for "Hard Out Her For a Pimp" at the 78th Annual Academy Awards. I didn't watch the entire thing last night. I was too busy pissed at "Flavor Of Love" for jipping me out of the goddamn finale with some dumb ass flashback show. Yall tell me why Evett--I mean Taraji got up there in her pretty white prom dress to sing her heart out..It's just not right!

Behold: Hilariousness...

Did I mention

Cassidy Out of Jail
You Looka Lika MAN!

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Blogger NegroPino™ said ... (1:11 PM) : 

I was pissed too..I damn near argued somebody down about Flavor of Love finale.......they coulda fooled me


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