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19 April 2006

10 Facts About ME

You didn't know or don't care to know..but you're gonna learn it anyway because I've been tagged a good three times by my fellow bloggers in crime..

*drum roll*

10. I grew up in Camden, NJImage hosting by Photobucket

..One of the most dangerous and poorest cities in America. I don't know...I never saw it that way when I was there *shrugs shoulders*
It's home, where i'm from... I just moved about 4 years ago (only 20 minutes away) and i'm up there everyday for school. I have one motherfuckin' problem though: I never realized how annoying it is to have motherfuckers walk right in the middle of the goddamn streetwhile you're driving like they got X-Men invisible powers and shit (even though I used to to do the same damn thing..lol) [Doughboy] And keep them damn babies out the street! [/BoyzntheHood]

9. I am a genuis- No, really-----i'm not. But I am pretty intelligent. My mom had me in this smart kid program from 3rd-8th grade..

8. My favorite color is blue- any shade, I just like blue..

7. My favoite food is Lasagna. My mom's cooking>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>your entire existence.

6. I want to be a model. I wanna slap the shit out of Naomi Cambell and walk down the runway with her blackberry in hand. I'll even sprinkle some heroin on Kate Moss' head as she sits in the front row dazed and confused..I swear my walk is so mean!!
Too effin bad i'm only 5'5":(

5. Lost my virginity at 17 (*feels like it's getting tooo personal*) to my ex boyfriend of 6 years..It didn't nearly hurt as much as my friends were making it seem. They were making it seem like I was gonna have a reverse birth and shit, baby shoved right up my ass-breach style!

4. Most embarrasing that ever happened to me: I was walking home from school one day rocking my new ispy K-Swiss' looking really cute. Well, there was a bunch of drug boys on the corner so I immediately switched into eagle eye mode (no matter what you do NOT look at the drug boys) and crossed the street so they wouldn't say anything to me. Well I got right to the corner of Mechanic St. and stepped in a huge pile of dog shit. Believe it was doberman..I was so embarrassed. I felt like the dumb hoe in Redman's video. I took my shoes off and walked the rest of the way home in socks..To this day I look at the ground where ever I walk..

3. I'm a little shy. Just a little, I get it from my mom but I've been trying to break out of it lately. Don't get me wrong i'll smack a hoe if she start talkin' out the side of her mouth! Because at the same time I do have a bad temper(go figure)..but i'm just a laid back type of person who doesn't like too much noise or drama. It's only if i'm pushed..only if i'm pushed...

2. I do hair..Micros, kinky twists, weaves..All that stuff-fo' cheap! So if you're ever in South Jersey and need me to hook you up..bark at me asap!! *shameless plug*

1. I love to laugh..I guess that's why I didn't do a serious personal blog. I just like to have fun and laugh at shit. It makes life a whole lot easier than to moan and bitch all the time. Even when i'm feeling my worse I try and find something to cheer me up...that's what this blog is for :)


Comments on "10 Facts About ME"


Anonymous toya said ... (10:40 PM) : 

wow.alll pretty cool things..hmm,small world..I went to Rutgers Camden for 3 years..and now my roomie moriah is from Camden! your blog is always funny...i luv to laugh 2,its weird..but they do say,laughter is the best medicine.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:12 AM) : 

Girlie, you're fuckin' funny! Keep posting...you make my day sooooo much better.


Blogger Hater said ... (11:37 AM) : 

I think your blog is hilarious. I try and check it at least 2x a week to get your funny commentary on things. Thanks for keeping my cracking up at work


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