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20 April 2006

Fuck Tom Cruise AND Katie!

"I wanna piss on yoooouuuuu"

So, yesterday I get tired of lollygagging on the net and turn on the television for a change. I notice I haven't been watching T.V a lot lately cause everything on it pretty much sucks like "Superhead" at a Grammy afterparty... But anyway, ANTM was coming on in an hour so I figured "what the hell" I turn to Channel 10 (NBC aka NOTHING BUT CRAP) and commence to watching some fukkery on Access Hollywood or one of those crazy ass paparazzi shoes that stalk celebrities and shit... "OOOOooooo Britney Spears' son prefers Old E to Budweiser mixed in with his forumla.. Let's all have a party!!!!!!" DIS.GUS.TING. Pat O'Brien, Billy "Did you notice i'm annoying and gay?" Bush, and Nancy O'Dell all seem to mesh into one annoying shit eating grin having character to me. I can smell the velveeta cheese just oozing from my screen onto my living room floor. Their insincere whining hitting my eardrums makes me wanna stab Elmo (and I heart Elmo). Who knows, maybe if we add an "O" to Billy ole boy's last name we can get a self-suicide cult going. The entire fucking show was about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes effing new bundle of superhuman alien baby-Suri. I hadn't even realized they had the baby until yesterday NOR did I care up to this point. It's just gotten ridiculous. Like who fucking cares??????????? They're regular ass people like you and me. They take shits. Albeit they have probably have human ass wipers who get paid 50 bucks per stroke, but they still poop--am I wrong? I sincerely feel sorry for that kid. No wait--I really could give a lukewarm crap (hahaha..I made a funny). Because at the end of the day she's gonna end up crazy just like her father, jumping on futon couches and shit for change on Hollywood Boulevard, while Katie Holmes tries to map out a route to planet Nebulon on James Van der Beek's forehead. Can't wait for Angelina and Brad's kid to crawl down that canal *rollseyes*

Comments on "Fuck Tom Cruise AND Katie!"


Blogger Clay said ... (8:52 AM) : 

i feel ya man -- all the celeb attention is really starting to irritate me too


Blogger Takeitoutside said ... (8:59 PM) : 

irritate ain't the I'm about to "pull my weave out" like Christina Milian


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