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25 April 2006

The Good, Bad, and Really Funny

I'm in a good mood today eve after all the fukkery I had to endure earlier so lets start with The Good. Shall We??:


1) Amel Larrieux

I've loved her music since Groove Theory. She's a stunningly beautiful woman with the voice of an angel. Her mammary glands and buttcheeks aren't swinging every whichaway to sell records, and most importantly her music has meaning, something that's almost rare in the lollipop gum drop shit we have shoved down our throats on the regular. I sat in on her listening party on VH1 Soul this weekend, for her new album "Morning"(dropped today) and it is definitley hot. Unless you're a purveyor or real music you probably wouldn't understand, so go on and continue to bump that Ugly Ricky youngin'... Everybody else you know what it is, be sure to support homegirl..She deserves it!!!

2) Nas

Need I say more??? Besides the obvious fact that i'm probably one of his biggest stan--err fans and I own damn near his entire discography, I'm still a female--which puts me at an advantage you see: I can be in love with him all I want! without worrying whether I appear "homo" to my "boyz". But other than that he's Top 5 on my G.O.A.T list..As he should be at least in the Top 10 on everyone elses.

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3) Bobby Christina
Looks like the Golden Baby just can't get enough of the limelight since the show. Now, I don't like to pick on chirrens but it's gotta be said..Where the hell did Whitney contribute to any of this crumbsnatchers phenotype????--Where? I see nothing Whitney about her. Bobby's sperm musta been high off something that night, cause they damn sure backslapped the hell outta Whit's oophytes..This is one time I can say truley say "I feel sowwy for chu mudda" and mean it. Let's pray for her momma yall. It's gone be alright chile...

4) Hoopz has lesbian threesome with T.I.???

Don't know if this is true or not, but i've seen it on a few blogs so what the hell..

The woman, who has asked to remain anonymous, is a dancer in a number of popular hip-hop music videos. She claims to have met up with the rapper and Hoopz last week at an Atlanta nightclub. According to the woman, Hoopz, who has been reportedly dating T.I., immediately struck up a conversation with her. She explained, "I felt like Hoopz was trying to pick me up, but I wanted T.I. - so I was cool with it."

When it was time to leave the club, T.I. suggested that the two women join him at his suburban mansion for an "after party." On the way there, things began to heat up when all three began kissing and groping each other. And according to the woman, "as soon as we walked in the door, I took off T.I.'s clothes and [performed oral sex on him]." "Hoopz wasn't expecting all of that & she was shy at first" explained the woman, "but after a few minutes she got into it too."

The three went on to have a marathon sex session which lasted for more than two hours. Describing the encounter the woman recalled, "T.I. was great, I really enjoyed being with him ... but it seemed like Hoopz was more into me than him." [Read the rest]

Hmmm..Don't know if I believe it, but then again Hoopz does seem to be carpet muncher status. And they've been getting cozy for the last few weeks. I feel sorry for Tiny though (don't laugh..I really do)..He's straight playin' her with 15 minute chicks all out in the open. *ahem* With that said: T.I's little anorexic ass could get handled once, twice, thrice! I got all the time in the world babay!! For some odd reason I like short skinny dudes (trust me, BIG things come in small packages) But moving away from my twisted hopes and fukkery, this whole situation just leaves one question: WWF(Foofy)S???

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The Really Funny

5) You ARE an ASShole!

Besides being annoying and leatherfaced. Maury Povich aka Capt'n Save-a-hoe extraordinaire is being sued for [corny ass anchor] get this [/voice]: SEXUAL HARRASSMENT! [source] hahahahaha. I'm lovin' it! Even if it's not true, it's still hilariously ironic. I just knew there was a sexual deviant behind all that false sincerity and empathy for smuts with 10 different baby faddas.

Next episode: Who is Marisol's 11th baby daddy? Maury OR Connie?!

Followed by last weeks episode: Is Connie Chung Man or Woman?!!

*Maury cabbage patches with black audience member*
*commercial breaks to Valtrex commercial starring Micheal Vick*

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6) Lil Romeo ethers Lil Bow Wow:

[Pam] Now that's funny! [/Martin] What's next? Lil Romeo get's capped up on the set of Sesame Street? This can't be life!

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Comments on "The Good, Bad, and Really Funny"


Blogger B a L L a C h i x said ... (8:05 PM) : 

All I Can Say Is That U R A Fool!!!!! U R So Silly!!!!!! I Look Foward 2 Ur Posts!!!!!


Blogger "N" Search of Ecstasy said ... (10:22 PM) : 

LMAO @ the bad!

I heard that Hoopz may be a home wrecker, but I didn't hear about the threesome. Hmmmmm, interesting!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:36 AM) : 

Just found your blog 4 1st time. Its very entertaining. I'm in Cape Town, South Africa. I'm a black male, 25 (and still at university). We get Oprah 3 moths after you guys. I'll be sure NOT to watch Oprahs stupid girls show. They've even permeated our video music industry. Bad shit always gets worse.
P.S. The time is actually 3:37 PM here


Blogger NegroPino™ said ... (3:21 PM) : 

As always u leave me in TEARS!!!!!!!


Anonymous kristen said ... (7:06 PM) : 

damn when did lil' romeo get grown?

ice grills are the new blackface

lovin your blog by the way

why are 18 y/o thuggin?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:21 PM) : 

somebody needs to tap bow wow and romeo on the shoulder and remind them that they grew up in the suburbs.

and that vick/valtrex add had me ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'll admit i've been sleeping on amel larrieux, but it sounds like i'm missing out. and considering how much i despise the garbage they play on the radio, i'll def. check her out.


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