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05 April 2006

It's all about....

[Melvin] Guns and butta baby[/Baby Boy]..Sike nah, It's all about Quality not Quantity..You know, sometimes I feel bad for neglecting this blog. But the truth is I do have a life. Not to say that bloggers who find the time to post everyday don't have one..And while I enjoy reading other blogs, there's just more important things too me--Like school, food, sleep, food, shopping, more sleep and sex (even though I haven't seen a penis in 3 months*womp womp*) I like to gossip about celebs and shit err' now and then, it get's repetitive. I like to talk about whatever I feel like talking about instead of being boxed into one category. And it takes me awhile to come up with a good post for yall. I'm like a perfectionist slash procrastinator.

So yea that's my sililoqui(sp?) and shit for the day. Back to a little thing I like to call...

Mental Diarrhea:

1) "ATL"

Saw it over the weekend..It wasn't as bad as I thought. In fact it was better than I though. Jason Weaver looks old as hell. I met him during the TLC Crazysexycool tour right after he did that movie "Summertime Switch"(my old feeling ass..lol). Well anyway, the movie was cute. The Twins were cute, "New New" was cute, T.I's little brother was cute..The shit was just CUTE. Bubba Gump was in it too..And, T.I's little light-skin-di-did ass could get it thoroughly and repeatedly just like his new album is on repeat in teh whip..

2) "Malls"
Alright I love to shop..love clothes..love fashion. But goddamn if I didn't go to a local mall in Jersey (we have like 503794732947394 malls in Jerz). Well anyway, I went to the Cherry Hill Mall because I hadn't been there in a year or two. Well me and a friend get up in there and it's like Sesame Street up in that bitch. Strollers darting at you every whichaway. Baby mommas looking mad and trife. Filthy teenagers acting ignant. It pissed me off. Now I know why I haven't been there in two fucking years. And to top it off I wore heels, not high ones. But I was looking cute (trying to catch a man and shit..pfft!). Only thing I coulda caught up in there was a cold. I witnessed the entire global population double in a mere 2 hours. It was ridiculous. Is that where they go to pick up the WIC checks now? I must have missed the memo...

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You are too funny!!! Good blog...


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