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18 May 2006

Looks like..

It's gonna be another week of no posts kids..I'm looking for a job now and this shit is harder than I thought..*sigh* A lot is going on right now and my net is down so i'm struggling. Bear with me, my blog is sucking like Karrine Stephans at a Grammy afterparty(recycled jokes..I know lol). I have a lot of shit I need to get off my chest when I get ta' postin' again so you won't be disappointed. Disgruntled ex boyfriends(ugh), hot guys tryna holla everytime I turn around, lesbians trying to look up my skirt..Shits crazy yall. I still check out my other bloggers in crime and so should you. But that doesn't mean I don't miss posting..I'm feeling like Mimi over here:

*drops needle on "Don't Forget About Us"*
*Twirls hair and has sex with Pharrell*
Toodles for now bitches....

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05 May 2006

Due to my finals there won't be any new posts for a good week and a 1/2..Don't cry..dry ya eyes..and check out the fine blogs to the left . Wish me luck..I love you all bitches!!

*blows kisses*

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01 May 2006

You Better WORK!!

Bitch looks absolutely fabulous..I don't know if I quite like the dress, but TyTy baby is workin it out somethin' FIERYARCE. Check out the best ANTM recaps ever!..over at FourFour

Just an observation: Celebrity Look-a-likes

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These two look like they could be sisters to me. Am I reachin'?? Cause if I am so effin what! I make my case:

1) They're both Bee-ah-bee-why!! M-a-m-ahs!! I just hope Fantasia didn't name her kid some crazy shit like Lil Mo did: God'iss Love Stone (WTF???) Ghetto ass name for ghetto ass people..smh. Name is so outlandish it makes "Keshia" seem like the hood "Katie." I hope that kid grows up to practice Buddhism.
2) They both can sang with them big ole soup coolers..lol
3) I could picture them roaming the hood, face slicked up with petroleum jelly, earrings off, lookin' for "Tookie'nem"
4) Because I said so.

Case closed.

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