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09 August 2006

Did ya miss me?

I'm gonna keep it short and simple because I know you're tired of the lies and empty promises. Reminds you of your raggedy ass boyfriend right? Yeah mine too. I was really getting the hang of this blogging stuff but I had to live my life for the summer. Working and having fun when I can has been the stat quo for me..BUT I will be back to regular posting once the semester starts in early September. I have a loooooot of stuff I have to get off my chest. I didn't forget about this blog and how much inner joy it brings me *sniffle* I've put too much work(though few and far between) into it to completely forget bout it. I'm gonna put up a new layout up soon and fix this old dump up..

Until then visit...the *womp womp womp*..You know the routine...

'Member this?..

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