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24 September 2006


Golden Brooks looks a terrible ass mess. Posing in this vintage 80's prom dress, her grandma Bestsy's opague stockings, and "kill that roach!!!" suede, shoes she just knows she's the shit yall... Yea, really shitty alright..I can't even feel sorry for GB. Bitch is TERRIBLE!

Who WORE it better???

I'm going with skeletor on this one yall..

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19 September 2006

The Chronicles of Whornia

I'm a day late and YOUTUBE took down the video, buuut so what...Let the fukkery ensue. Let's get it poppin!!

Looks like Carmen Bryan (Nas' baby momma) is following in the hoofprints of Karrine "Superhoe" Stephans with a tell all book and interview with XXL Magazine about her 10 year relationship with Nas and subsequent affair(s) with Jay-Z & Allen Iverson. Honestly, (all NaS stanism aside) I think bitch is a retard. Seriously, what self respecting harlot would wear a hat that large. Memphis Bleek donating to the needy now? Or maybe she just thought it would make her head look larger, thus fooling the public into thinking that under that enormous cap lies the crome dome of a genius. Ah, such a clever twatch..Bitch please, i'm not fooled. If you (yes you-the reader) are fooled that means your as stoopid as our new favorite celebriwhore and means you most likely didn't understand anything i've typed thus far. Therfore, I'll sum up the interview/situation with a few word fragments for ya dumb ass:

Nas ZzzzzZZZ boooooOOring
Carmen whore
Jay-Z whore
Camels large penis'
Allen Iverson whore
Breakfis in bed
Carmen still whore. Poor Destiny
Jay-Z, Nas maaaaaaad :<
Ether :)
Jay-Z retire :(

And there you have it folks. Feels good to be back in the blogosphere. I dumb down my post and double my traffic! Ya hear that chirrens?, anyone can be as clever as celebriwhores. Bert and Ernie ain't got shit on them!!!

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14 September 2006

I'm back like cooked CRACK!


So you know what that means right??? NEW CARS FOR EVERYONE!! (Not really), but I am gonna be posting regulary between school and work. But for now I gotta say au revoir my dahlings, I gotta get to work..See ya tomorrow

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