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24 September 2006


Golden Brooks looks a terrible ass mess. Posing in this vintage 80's prom dress, her grandma Bestsy's opague stockings, and "kill that roach!!!" suede, shoes she just knows she's the shit yall... Yea, really shitty alright..I can't even feel sorry for GB. Bitch is TERRIBLE!

Who WORE it better???

I'm going with skeletor on this one yall..

Comments on "Bitch is TERRIBLE"


Blogger Nit Ra Sit said ... (1:29 PM) : 

that is some funny azz shyt right there!!!!!Where are her people (Stylist,back up stylist,makeup artist,fuck the whole staff at Vidal) Let's start the GoldenAide Fund (to help a HAM not look so Jacked up)


Blogger Shawn said ... (1:38 PM) : 

She should NEVER get in front of a camera. I've NEVER seen a good picture of her.


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