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13 October 2006

Beyonce & Jay-Z= The Black Barbie and Ken?

I'm just sayin.....

These two have been camera whoring it up everywhere. And I do mean EVERYWHERE!!!! There's simply not enough hours in the day to keep up with them. We should add a 25th hour just for them. But since we can't and simply won't, i'll be your 25th hour..That's why we're gonna start a little segment just for the dynamic duo called:

The Mis-adventures of Hovi and Sasha

First stop: New York

Beyonce riding the "B" train last month to promote her cd *gasp* "B-day"!!! How fantastically ridiculous and fabulous of her. The passengers could really give a warm crap. Dontcha just wish some bum would randomly whip his penis out and start masturbating while humming Deja Vu.. Talk about CULTURE SHOCK!!!

Next Stop: LONDON!!

I guess all that culture shock took a serious toll Bey. She had to relax and unwind after that wreck of a train ride. And nothing says "unwind" better than emerald green sequin mini dresses--(and lets not forget the alcohol). Bitch was drunk off her ass, but nonetheless she was still fabulous as ever. GET ME BODIED!!!

Last stop: AFRICA!!!

Lets not leave out the incomparable Jay-Z aka Jiggaman aka Shawn Carter aka Joe Camel. HOVI BABY!!! He stopped in Nigeria to promote awareness of his "Water for Life" campaign. Along the way he managed to get a street named after him and be turbaned by Governor Abubakar Bukola Saraki, the Executive Governor of Kwara State. I don't even know how to pronounce that shit but it sure does sound important, no? Sure does..that's why we're gonna name Jay-Z our:



Comments on "Beyonce & Jay-Z= The Black Barbie and Ken?"


Anonymous toya said ... (10:30 PM) : 

hahaah,SWSNBN and HWSNBN are the new barbie and ken...why they gotta add in the extra "jay-z" in the street caption, it sounds weird..imagine some1 saying make a left at shawn jay-z carter rd,lol.


Blogger Takeitoutside said ... (6:41 PM) : 

lol..that does sound funny. They don't know no better chile..


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:06 PM) : 

beyonce does not look like black barbie. black barbie has always been brown skin and had black hair. if you ask me beyonce is trying her hardest to look like a white barbie with her fake blonde hair.


Blogger ALLIE said ... (1:26 AM) : 



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