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07 October 2006

Get YO' Shit............Get yo shiiiiiit!

AND GET OUT!!....Kickin niccas out a la Angela Bassett is my favorite thing to do..lol. Here's Beyonce's video for Irreplaceble if you haven't already seen it yet. This is one of my favorites from B-day. I hope she releases Suga Mama or Get Me Bodied as the next single..But then again, most of cd is hot with the exception of Freakum Dress & Green Light.

On the contrary...

Brotha might've had some good dillznick. In that case we might wanna switch up our tune.

Weekend Throwback: 702- Get It Together

Peace chittlins...Until Monday, you can find me at the greenlight with my freakum dress on (whatever tha hell a "freakum" dress is)

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