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25 October 2006

It's about time--To WHOOP THAT TRICK!!!: Flavor of Love Reunion Special

Thank goodness for skeezers and tricks. Santa Clause done came early yall and dropped us off a little treat. Here's a teaser clip for the Flavor of Love Reunion Special that airs this Sunday

LOL! These bitches got hot crisco grease, tracks, bobby pins flyin every-whicha-way..I LOVE it!!!!!

Comments on "It's about time--To WHOOP THAT TRICK!!!: Flavor of Love Reunion Special"


Blogger Tenacious said ... (12:33 PM) : 

LOL @ FOL....hot stinking messes...This look like a white trash/drag queen convention gone wrong.

And all of that in the stench that is "Diamond Princess".

What Naomi needs is a ghetto ass assistant because I'd have to beat the bitch's ass...

*sigh* I like B and Jay but damn could yall just stay at home for once?


Blogger Doe Boy Fresh! said ... (11:14 AM) : 

How come celeb's do the most random shit! I guess when you guaped up like that you run out of shit to do? Like who the fuck just rolls with there entourage to the fuckin zoo?... I got other shit to do personaly HAHAHAHA


Blogger Takeitoutside said ... (2:30 PM) : 

LOL@ dope boy..werd..I'm saying, I could see if she had her lil nefew w/her, but this shit is random as hell. How you gonna go to a zoo? You like 26 years old and ish. Do a concert or something--damn..Celebs do stupid shit..lol

And yes Tenacious- that bitch Naomi need her ass kicked asap..If Tyra wasn't such a punk Naomi woulda been got that 30 inch yakki perm weave knocked off her head back in the 90's


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