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10 October 2006

Robin Givens isn't a golddiger and Oprah as Jesus

Lets cut the crap...Robin Givens would finger claw her way to silver:

When Oprah Said Jump, Givens Jumped – To Pen Memoir

Actress Robin Givens hadn't really thought about writing her life story – until Oprah Winfrey decided she should do it. "I was in Florida and I got a call from her," Givens tells Jawn Murray of AOL Black Voices' BV Buzz. And what did O have to say? "People need to know your story and you're coming on the show." And just like that, there was a crew from the show at Givens' house, Givens did Oprah's show, and then Oprah suggested she write her story down for posterity – which Givens says she's doing sans ghostwriters. The book will be out early next year; currently, the 42-year-old former "Head of the Class" star (and ex-bride of Mike Tyson) is touring in the play "Men, Money and Gold Diggers."(lol..hee-larry-us)[source]

As for Oprah, She's powerful, yes- this I know. I mean who else can tell a bitch to write her lousy memoirs for the benefit of my boredom and have it sell like stank ass on a street corner. Seriously, I sorta have a like/dislike relationship with Opree. But I seriously wouldn't wanna get on her bad side. She'd probably send a plague of Star Jones' to my doorstep *shudders*

With that...let us bow our heads in prayer:

We come to you O-mighty one to ask for a good blogging day. Let the page traffic be plentiful and the comments be funny-ful. Let the celebrites be dumber O-Wah. We ask you mighty O that our vistiors be entertained Opree. Let the bloggers say

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Blogger Takeitoutside said ... (10:58 AM) : 

Does this comment shit work or does my blog just suck :(


Anonymous toya said ... (12:30 AM) : 

lol,thats 2 funny..opree can persuade any1 to do anything..oh,and dont get discouraged your blog is cool,keep blogging gurly!


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