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06 November 2006

We've moved!!!

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02 November 2006

New York and Pumkin kiss and makeup(literally)

Love is in the air--Tranny love

This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my LIFE!! My breakfast is so disgusted right now, it doesn't wanna even come back up through the mouth..it just to go straight down a filthy drain and straight to hell..which is exactly where this picture should end up if we're lucky...Bitches are TERRIBLE.[source]

Lets recap the spit heard round the world shall we:

In random news: Lindsay LoHOE and Evan Ross (Diana Ross' son/T.I's lil brother in ATL) a couple?? YIKES!

P.S. I'm moving this blog over to worpress so give me a few days to continue with regular posting. Thanks bitches.

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