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28 December 2006

I miss this layout!

I really do..maybe I should have kept it...

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06 November 2006

We've moved!!!

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02 November 2006

New York and Pumkin kiss and makeup(literally)

Love is in the air--Tranny love

This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my LIFE!! My breakfast is so disgusted right now, it doesn't wanna even come back up through the mouth..it just to go straight down a filthy drain and straight to hell..which is exactly where this picture should end up if we're lucky...Bitches are TERRIBLE.[source]

Lets recap the spit heard round the world shall we:

In random news: Lindsay LoHOE and Evan Ross (Diana Ross' son/T.I's lil brother in ATL) a couple?? YIKES!

P.S. I'm moving this blog over to worpress so give me a few days to continue with regular posting. Thanks bitches.

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25 October 2006

It's about time--To WHOOP THAT TRICK!!!: Flavor of Love Reunion Special

Thank goodness for skeezers and tricks. Santa Clause done came early yall and dropped us off a little treat. Here's a teaser clip for the Flavor of Love Reunion Special that airs this Sunday

LOL! These bitches got hot crisco grease, tracks, bobby pins flyin every-whicha-way..I LOVE it!!!!!

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19 October 2006


Jim Jones puts a diamond grill on his Maserati

I nominate him for Dumb Bitch Of The Day. Seriously who spends money on dumb shit like this?! Niccas don't know how to act with a lil bit of chang-ay. How bout doing something positive in the hood you stupid fool! I hope somebody snatches that shit quicker than Wesley Snipes can hop a plane out the U.S..Nevertheless, I still find him hilarious for his mindless antics and buffoonery. With that said let the class say: BAALLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!!!!

You are dismissed.

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17 October 2006

Mike Tyson's style is IMPREGNABLE!!!

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - Mike Tyson says he may include bouts with women on his next tour, and mentioned professional boxer Ann Wolfe, who is 21-1 with 15 knockouts.

"She's such a prominent, dominant woman in the boxing field," Tyson said. When asked if he was joking about fighting women, Tyson said, "I'm very serious."

Russ Young, a promoter for Wolfe, said such a bout will never happen.

"That's the first we've heard of it," Young said. "No state would sanction that. She would be outweighed by 60 to 70 pounds. Ann would never entertain the idea."

The 40-year-old former heavyweight champ launches "Mike Tyson's World Tour" on Friday in Youngstown, Ohio.

Tyson said the tour was meant to be fun and raise money for charity.

"It's all fun. I'm not Mike Tyson," he said, referring to the fierce boxer whose career was upended by a prison term. "I'm not 20 years old. I'm not going to smash anybody. I'm not going to talk about smashing anybody's brains. You're not going to see that guy no more."[source]

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAaaa..is all I really have to say about that. Really, i'm speechless..Mike Tyson just made my week. His impregnable style will impregnate these woman. Genius! Robin Givens is somewhere having a fuggin nervous breakdown or something. Welp..If that didn't make you piss your pants with glee here's something that will.

Mike Tyson Inteviews

I'll eat you celebrities!

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13 October 2006

Beyonce & Jay-Z= The Black Barbie and Ken?

I'm just sayin.....

These two have been camera whoring it up everywhere. And I do mean EVERYWHERE!!!! There's simply not enough hours in the day to keep up with them. We should add a 25th hour just for them. But since we can't and simply won't, i'll be your 25th hour..That's why we're gonna start a little segment just for the dynamic duo called:

The Mis-adventures of Hovi and Sasha

First stop: New York

Beyonce riding the "B" train last month to promote her cd *gasp* "B-day"!!! How fantastically ridiculous and fabulous of her. The passengers could really give a warm crap. Dontcha just wish some bum would randomly whip his penis out and start masturbating while humming Deja Vu.. Talk about CULTURE SHOCK!!!

Next Stop: LONDON!!

I guess all that culture shock took a serious toll Bey. She had to relax and unwind after that wreck of a train ride. And nothing says "unwind" better than emerald green sequin mini dresses--(and lets not forget the alcohol). Bitch was drunk off her ass, but nonetheless she was still fabulous as ever. GET ME BODIED!!!

Last stop: AFRICA!!!

Lets not leave out the incomparable Jay-Z aka Jiggaman aka Shawn Carter aka Joe Camel. HOVI BABY!!! He stopped in Nigeria to promote awareness of his "Water for Life" campaign. Along the way he managed to get a street named after him and be turbaned by Governor Abubakar Bukola Saraki, the Executive Governor of Kwara State. I don't even know how to pronounce that shit but it sure does sound important, no? Sure does..that's why we're gonna name Jay-Z our:



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